This page contains documents that may be helpful to the property owners of Timberwood Park.  Looking for your unit restrictions/covenants?  They are located below in unit by unit format to review and/or print for your records and use.  The covenants and restrictions will help you in determining what is typically permitted on your lot and what is not.  Additionally, if you are wanting to make improvements to the property, you should check with our property management company and learn what is required to submit for approval to the POA Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  

As a part of our non-annexation agreement with the City of San Antonio, most projects require City of San Antonio building permit approval in addition to what the Architectural Control Committee requires to complete a project in your particular unit of the development. 

Looking for information on our development non-annexation agreement?  It's located below and provides you with details about the length of time it covers, what it covers and how it works for Timberwood Park.  Come back and check in to see the updates and more documents posted in the near future!




The "Unit" tabs to the right are the equivalent of what is typically called "covenants and restrictions" in a development. 

Unlike typical legal descriptions which carry a "lot and block" along with other development specific designators, Timberwood uses "Units", lots and blocks.  Check your title documents or your tax assessment statement to assist you in finding your specific unit, lot and block to use the documents posted here.

You may find these documents helpful in determining what restrictions exist for your particular property address in Timberwood Park. The documents listed here are not intended to provide legal  interpretations.  They are provided for informational purposes only.

 Be sure to check with the POA and the property management company to ensure you have all the information necessary when you are considering an improvement or revision of any type to your property.


 Note:  NOT all neighborhoods who now call themselves part of "Timberwood Park Area" were a part of the non-annexation agreement.  

Most of the newer neighbors which have become part of this area since 2007 going forward were not included in this non-annexation agreement. 

Particularly, those along Canyon Golf, many along Borgfeld as well as some which border Timberwood Park Development now, were not covered by this non-annexation agreement.  

Living in the "Timberwood Park Area" is not living in the boundaries of the Timberwood Park Development.  As such, access to the private park  and its amenities is not available to outlying subdivision property owners surrounding our development.


Can I purchase access to the park and its amenities?  Unfortunately no, if you are not a property owner in the Timberwood Park Development, you are not eligible to have access to the private park and its amenities.

Do I need approval to make an improvement to my property or home? 

Most improvements need approval by our ACC as well as permits from the City of San Antonio and other items to ensure a successful project.  Please contact our property management company for details about submitting your project for approval.

I just moved into the Timberwood Park Development and want to know how to gain access to the park and its amenities.  Who do I contact?

Please call our management company for more details about how to access the amenities that come with your home in our neighborhood. 

non annexation and other info

Partial Asignment of Dec Rights to TPOA V14799p906 (pdf)


PR.209 (pdf)


Settlement (pdf)


Non-annexation agreement (pdf)